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StunTronics has established a specialized Training Division to administer and conduct the only authorized training and certification programs recognized by StunTronics. The Band-It System and the ICE Shield each has its own individual program.  Our training programs offer 100% training standardization, continuous support, and national recognition. Our programs have been recognized and proven in federal and local courts across the country.

The StunTronics Instructor Training Program is designed to familiarize the user/instructor to the respective product (Band-It or ICE Shield) and less-lethal electronic immobilization technology. Areas of focus include the understanding of less-lethal waveform technology, battery maintenance, product operations, optimum effectiveness, psychological power, take-down capabilities, follow up measures, policies/procedures, task related criteria for placing the unit on a subject, and the standardized training of users. Upon the successful completion of the Instructor Training Program your officer/instructor will be authorized to certify users of the appropriate StunTronics product, provided all of StunTronics policies, procedures, and protocols are followed. StunTronics User Certifications never expire and do not require re-certification or refreshers. Re-certification is required to maintain the ability to teach the program every 2 years (completed online).

StunTronics Strives to keep partner agencies training cost low by conducting training in regional locations. It costs less for StunTronics to send 1 or 2 representatives than it would cost for 15 or more students travel. There are minimum class sizes required for regional training. Should our regional options not fit your agencies needs special arrangements can be made. Contact StunTronics for more details.

StunTronics supplies the items required for the instructor training (manuals, certificates, and instructor USB's). 

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We will bring Instructor Level Training to any area of the United States where we can organize our minimum class size. To finalize dates and locations we need to hear from you. Once we have the information, we can determine the most convenient location for all parties that express interest. Help us, help you accomplish your goals and minimize liability. The more agencies that respond, the sooner we can commit. Don’t hesitate, respond today!