Why Restrain when you can Immobilize High-Quality Restraining Devices and Transportion Systems

StunTronics LLC, located in Cleveland Ohio, is the sole distributor of the Band-It Prisoner Control System and the ICE Shield, Electrified Riot Shield.

Our Mission

Is to increase safety and reduce liability for law enforcement when dealing with potentially violent individuals by providing high quality Less Lethal Tools and proven training programs.

Why Trust Us

StunTronics is dedicated to developing, distributing, and training for the highest quality less-lethal immobilization products available. For over 30 years law enforcement officers, corrections officers, and federal agencies have trusted the Band-It and the ICE Shield to provide safe and effective alternatives to force. These products have been developed by Law Enforcement officers for Law Enforcement Officers.

Reduce Liability

The use of StunTronics high quality less-lethal tools will reduce your agency's liability. There will be fewer Use of Force Situations resulting in fewer injuries to staff and subject. The cost savings then multiply with reduced medical costs, fewer worker compensation claims, lower worker compensation rates, fewer disability claims, less overtime, and less litigation.


  • StunTronics circuitry has been successfully utilized since 1987
  • StunTronics has been medically tested by major Universities
  • StunTronics has a 30-year record of safety
  • StunTronics has a Standardized Training System that has been court-tested
  • StunTronics products are used every day across the country
  • Over 2,000 Instructors have been certified
  • Over 80,000 Users have been certified

Our Products

Band-It: Prisoner Restraint System

The Band-It Transport & Courtroom Control System is designed for greater control of subjects in the courtroom and during any transportation situation. The Band-It System stops escapes, violent actions, allows officers to gain control of violent individuals, and because the system is wireless, it makes obstructions between the officers and subjects irrelevant.

How does the Band-It System work? It applies Pulse Wave Technology, high voltage (50,000 volts), and low amperage to the subject at specific frequencies which interferes with the nervous system causing muscle immobilization. Our circuitry is proven safe, as medical studies have been conducted at major universities.

The Band-It System consists of a stun pack, a wireless transmitter, and several carriers that allow the unit to placed onto 8 different locations on the human body.

StunTronics LLC


  • Audible Warning Tone
  • Eight-Second Cycle With Auto Reset After Each Application
  • Key Lock for On/Off Security
  • Medically Tested
  • Self-Contained Antenna/Unit Ranging Up to 150 Ft
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Surge Guard Arrestor, Anti-Burnout Timer/Voltage Regulator Gap
  • Two-Year Warranty

Ice Shield: Keep Them Cool

StunTronics ICE Shield is the ultimate tool for cell extractions, hostile inmate confrontations, and crowd control. With the push of a button the ICE Shield transforms into a powerhouse of less lethal force. The ICE Shield has a incredible visual and audible display of 50,000 volts of less lethal power.

The ICE Shield is constructed of highly durable / impact resistant 1/4 inch poly-carbonate with 50,000 volts of electrical power on it's face. There two styles offered; the Capture Style (concave) is designed for the control of a subject and the Protect Style (convex) which is similar to a conventional riot shield providing protection and deflection. There are two sizes to choose from; the Standard Shield 36" x 20" or the Large Shield 48" x 24".

Who We Serve

Federal Agencies, State Agencies, Sheriff's Offices, Police Departments, and any organization that house and/or transport criminals are the clients we serve. Our products help control prisoners and transport them safely from coast to coast.